about the festival
The Overgaden Sound Art Festival is organized and curated by Björn Ross, a Swedish artist living and working in Copenhagen, along with a team of 10 co-curators from Denmark, USA, Canada, and Lithuania. The choice of the curators is based solely on subjective, personal and professional preferences, so are the curators choices of artists!

The festival will take place in the art exhibition space Overgaden - Institute for Contemporary Art in central Copenhagen, in August 6 to September 5, 2004.

The Sound Art Festival will consist of an audio work database (audioteque), live performances, artist presentations, reading room, web-site, and eventually lectures and seminars, though depending on economical resources as usual.

The aim is, within a simple and low-cost framework, to present a wide range of international artists working with sound/audio as a primary element within their artistic praxis.
The focus is mainly on artists working with sound and crossover projects, rather than "musicians” and composers, but still there will be a very broad spectrum of artists and genres represented, covering all aspects of that blurry boarder between art and music.

The Audioteque and Reading Room will be open for public access during Overgadens ordinary opening hours, Tuesday to Sunday 13 - 17. Mondays closed.
Performances will usually be held in the evenings, appr. at 8 pm. - for exact hours consult the performance page, which will be updated continuously.